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Raw Sweet Potato “Noodles” Asian Style

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I am so excited to share this meal. As you may be able to tell, I received my new kitchen gadget yesterday, a Spirooli.

With this nifty little gadget, I can save myself a lot of work when it is zucchini  season.  Just pop in one of the blades, turn the handle, and out comes perfect raw pasta!

I made some last night, but the lighting would not have done the zucchini justice, so I decided to share lunch with you instead. I love making the sweet potato noodles, they taste soooo good. I just went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and bought 3 bags, so  I thought I would make an Asian Noodle dish and replace the noodles with sweet potato “noodles”. 


I made my version of Asian dressing that I use on all my Asian slaws. It is a basic blend of Braggs Liquid Aminos (soy sauce), grated garlic and ginger, sweet mirin, rice vinegar, sesame oil, peanut butter, a tiny bit of Thai chili paste, and a little agave.  I blend it together in my personal blender and have the dressing on hand and ready to go. 


For the base, I used two sweet potatoes in the Spirooli, two small sweet red peppers sliced thin, one thin sliced green onion, a handful of sliced snap peas, and some pea shoot sprouts. 


Once all the veggies were in a bowl, I poured on a few tbsp. of dressing, and mixed well to coat everything.  I do not add a lot of dressing.  I do not want it wasted at the bottom of the bowl.  The dressing is so full of flavor, that a little goes a long way.  On the side I sliced thin a spicy pre-made baked tofu. 


What a great lunch, colorful, nutritious, and most of all, delicious! 




Enjoy this gorgeous day. It is sunny and 70 degrees here.  I am brimming with energy from this lunch, I think I am going to start prepping my garden.  It is about time to plant some spinach, don’t you think?  Have a great day!




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