Plants never tasted so good.


Tofu Egg Salad

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I promise this will actually has the same taste and texture as egg salad.  My daughter wants to take this to school for lunch everyday.  She devours it!  I severed it with fresh home baked pita chips on a bed of spinach and sprouts. 

Soy Yogurt—Breakfast or Dessert?

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Plain soy yogurt is sweetened with cherry and vanilla spirulina protein making it super thick and creamy.  It is dressed up with a variety or berries, hemp seeds, and a little flax granola cereal.  I was so good!




This was a combo and leftovers and take-out from Wingman's.  We NEVER eat out, but I have get to perfect sushi at home.  I just make a mess!


Remembering Summer…

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fathers day 2010 004
When I came across this photo of baby lemon tarts topped with fresh vegan whipped topping and a sweet berry sauce, I thought about all those great cool refreshing desserts I made of the summer.  I look so forward to being hot and enjoying a nice cool treat. 
fathers day 2010 001


Healthy Salad served with Tempeh Bacon

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This was a “Eat to Live” inspired salad.  It contains lots of Calcium from the sesame seeds, folate in the huge base of Spinach leaves, beta-carotene in the carrots, and with many other great nutrients and antioxidants in the red cabbage, red onion, radishes pea shoots and sugar snap peas.

We had is with a miso-ginger dressing and I topped it with 5-grain tempeh bacon.

The tempeh bacon was a flavor star. Slightly salty, sweet and smoky.  I first sliced it thin and then cooked in a really hot pre-heat pan with a drizzle of olive oil.  Once is stared to brown, I brushed on my marinade and cooked it until caramelized, then I flipped it and cooked the other side till caramelized.  I topped the salad while it was hot.  It was sooo good!



Vegan Frittata

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Potatoes, peppers, onions. asparagus, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, a little soy cheese blend and creamy tofu “eggs”.  They all came together to make a frittata that could make any Italian proud.  It is amazing how tofu can mimic eggs.  My daughter went crazy for this.  I served it with a few slices of toasted Sour Dough Rye. 

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