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It was once a bowl of chili…

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Last night I made a large pot of veggie chili.  I used a new recipe that I found at  Normally, when I make chili, we all eat several bowls, until we are stuffed. This batch was definitely lacking something.  We still have not figured out what.  It was okay, but not great.  I want every meal to be great. I even made homemade corn bread out of corn flour, no box!  That was great!  A little too good.  We only left two pieces. 

Yesterday, I ended the day under 1500 high nutrient calories, I worked out and walked over 5000 steps. I would have liked to double the steps, but I had a lot of office work to catch up on. Other than that, I felt pretty good.  I am doing well today also. I will give you the totals tomorrow.

I was planning lunch today, and I opened the fridge to see the huge cast iron dutch oven filled with chili.  Chili that was, just okay.  I could not make a pot of soup knowing that I had a whole pot of chili in the fridge.  So, I heated up a small pot, doctored it up a little, and served it over salad, as a sort of awesome taco salad.  I made a bed of chopped romaine, then over a cup of spring mix, chopped tomatoes, chopped sweet onions, avocado chunks, and a drizzle of creamy Italian dressing.  I crunched up a few organic baked tortilla chips, and then place my chili on top with a garnish of vegan sour cream.  No cheese.  I am really trying to keep my calories down, and nutrients up.  The chili was so much better this way.  We ate every bite.  Although, I think I am going to freeze the rest of it, so when I am feeling inspired I can defrost it and remake it., GREAT.


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