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Instant Gratification

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In this modern technology age, instant gratification is what we have learned to expect.  Everything happens so fast.  Communication, answers to questions, research, downloads, photos, microwaves, pretty much instant everything. Patience is a word of the past, I cannot even wait in line behind two people before I get antsy and think, why aren’t there more lanes open?  Unfortunately, this impatience has slowly crept into my life in areas beyond technology.  What am talking about?  My eating and exercise regimen, that’s what. 

I have been working extra hard since January 1st, and especially increasing my efforts this week between eating and workouts.  Instead of being pleased with myself, and proud each day that I complete my goals, I find myself looking in the mirror or checking the number on the scale for some dramatic results like you see on TV.  I always tell my nutrition clients, be patient, it takes 3500 calories burned to reduce a pound.  So, why do I keep torturing myself?  I blame instant gratification.  I workout, I want to see results…NOW. 

Well, I refuse to put myself through this anymore.  I am choosing to take each day as it comes, following my plan, exactly as I laid out, and will reap the eventual benefits.  I know I am healthy.  I only intend on losing maybe 5 to 8 pounds by summer, and mostly I want to increase my strength and flexibility.  I believe I can do ANYTHING I put my best effort into.  I am a big believer in vision boards, I can attest that I have accomplished many of my goals with their motivation sitting there staring me in the face.  So, I thought I would share the fitness vision board I made myself this past weekend.  I am also sharing my Monday’s food intake along with the exercise I did too.



6:00-6:20 am elliptical

Breakfast: Tofu scramble with no salt! Just 3 oz. tofu, baby spinach, mushroom, onion, and a few tbsp. of diced tomatoes with a low carb high fiber 45 calorie wrap.  Seasoned with turmeric and 1 tsp. nutritional yeast. Also, 1 coffee with 3tbsp. soy creamer and 20 oz. of water.

8:30-9:15 am  Full body workout.  Extra abs and buns.

Snack: 1/4 grapefruit. 1/4 orange, 1/4 banana, 4 blackberries and 1/2 tsp. chia seeds.

16 oz. water

Lunch: Large salad with 2 cups mixed baby greens, 1/2 small pepper, 1/4 c. cucumber, 2 radishes, 1/2 cup white kidney beans, 1/4 cup onion, broccoli spouts, bean sprouts, 3 cherry tomatoes, 3tbsp. balsamic vinegar (plain).

1 coffee w/3 tbsp. soy creamer

16 oz water

2:10-2:30 elliptical

8 oz. water

Snack 2:  Protein shake: 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate pea protein, 1 tbsp. almond butter, 4 ice cubes.

Dinner: Coked in cooking spray with Mrs. Dash Garlic Blend: 8 asparagus spears, 4 mushrooms, 2 cups spinach, 1 .5 cups steamed cauliflower and 1 Gardein chick’n breast.

8 oz. water




I gave Mya some of my shake, this is hers with a cookie on top!



P1030883 P1030887
P1030884 P1030886



Okay, now that I have shared my day, I am off to do the elliptical for the 2nd time today.  I want to get in a little more before Mya gets home!


  1. AHH! I am also on a bit of a post xmas diet and this is EXACTLY what I needed to say - you are so right about the effort - so long as we know we are doing are best, we have to just not worry abotu the results! :) Vision boards look great!

    1. Thanks Em! It is nice to know it is not just me. It seems gaining is a whole lots easier than losing, except where money is concerned. Then it is the opposite. :) I appreciate the comment. Good luck with your plan. Once this super strict week is over, I will be posting some great healthy maintenance recipes. I really beileve the vision board is helping.


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