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Chicken-less Noodle Soup

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Did you ever make something that tasted out of this world, then say to yourself, “wow, this is so good, I bet if I add this and that if would be even more phenomenal”?  That was this soup.  I made a a very simple chicken-less noodle soup that tasted sooooooooo good. Andy loved it, Mya loved it, and even though vegetable is my favorite, I even loved it.  It was clean, bright, slightly spicy, and very classic, just carrots, celery, onion, some frozen spinach, with a little tofu to act as chicken, and some of Trader Joe’s new Gluten Free Corn Spaghetti for noodles.  I did not overwhelm the broth with too much of anything. It was just perfect.

The next day I reheated it for lunch.  I tasted the soup as it was heating on the stove and it was even better the second day!  So, I had the brilliant idea of adding more veggies since I had a lot more broth than vegetables or noodles.  BAD IDEA. I added more spinach and some frozen mixed vegetables and let it cook a little more until everything was a little soft. When I served the soup I was excited to eat this nice bowl with all these great veggies, and then I tasted my first bite, so disappointing, the additions completely changed the flavor.  Andy agreed that it was much better before I messed with it.  He said it was still good soup, it just did not have that blast of flavor it had before.  Lesson learned…don’t mess with perfection. Smile  The pictures are of the “after” soup.  Because it was dark when I made the first perfect batch, I wanted to wait until the next day’s lunch to take outdoor pictures. 

Well. I am off to make my breakfast, got a busy morning of running around, another scramble perhaps? Have a great day!



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    1. I use a combo of Better than Boullion Not Chicken, and I also use a low sodium vegan chickenless cube by Rapunzel or Edward and Sons.


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