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Somebody’s been eating my breakfast…

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


and, they ate it all up!


Today’s breakfast was another fruit salad and the last of my “cake batter” topping ! Sad smile

It was a great energetic way to start the day.  I woke up with an intense headache.  I have a lot of cleaning plans today, so I do not want to be slowed down.  I went against my normal, “I don’t take medicine”, and popped two Advil and a cup of my Starbucks Verona. Low and behold it is almost gone.  I think I it is a good excuse to treat myself to and extra coffee this morning just to make sure it goes away. 

I am really going to try to make those deviled “eggs” today.  We will see how I feel after cleaning.  Did I mention, I hate cleaning.  I find nothing rewarding about it. I wish I did.  I try everything to motivate myself.  Even though I realize cooking is generally the same, spend hours doing it and then it is gone in ten minutes.  It’s like, “why make the bed if I am going to sleep in it?”  Oh well. I guess I should go start the kitchen, and make the bed. Have a great day?


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