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On top of spaghetti…

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
On top of spaghetti, whole wheat angel hair to be exact, was caramelized onions, browned mushrooms, and garlicky spinach.  I made a small pot of béchamel sauce, to it I added in some garlic, sea salt, white pepper, and 1/4 cup of Dayia mozzarella.  It made maybe 2 cups of sauce.  Just enough to lightly coat the pasta.  After I mixed the pasta with the sauce, I stirred in the sautéed vegetables.  And a little on top.
I would like to say Mya ate this, which she usually does, but she just wanted plain pasta. Nothing on it.  I let her eat it.  Later on in the evening she ate lots of fresh fruit to make up for the no veggies at dinner.  Also, after school she devoured the deviled “eggs” and finished the whole bowl of “egg salad”.  This morning she asked if I could make the deviled “eggs” for her lunch.  I guess she really liked them.
Breakfast this morning was another skillet breakfast with potatoes, “sausage”, peppers, onions, and tofu eggs.  Remember?  Although, no rye toast time, an end slice of cranberry bread toasted was just enough.


  1. Hello! Since you are looking to keep learning about nutrition, read the book 'Wheat Belly'.

  2. Actually my intention was to use spaghetti squash, but I never made it to the store. I found this box in the cabinet, and used it up. I prefer Jerusalem artichoke flour and corn pasta to whole wheat. I do feel less is best when it come to wheat. I think it is easier being vegan than gluten free.:) I hope to get there someday. One step at a time.


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