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Out for Lunch

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It is a rare occasion when I go out to lunch.  Today was the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Women’s Resource Council Lunch (that’s a mouthful) at Green Valley Country Club.  I was really looking forward to going.  It is the one time a month I get to spend time with my mom and go to a professional outing.  Mom is a big supported of the Chamber, she loves all their events and shares them with everyone.  So I get a date with mom and a networking function all in one.

What a nice event.  The women in this Chamber are so friendly and supportive of each other.  A group of women who are out on a mission of being professionals and being a real part of the community.  I am so impressed with everyone I meet there, I wish the luncheons were more often.  We usually have our lunch at Peppers in King of Prussia. Peppers always starts with bread, Italian roasted peppers, then a salad, then a huge portion of lunch that is either pasta or a meat & veggie plate, followed by dessert and great coffee.  I always take half home. 

Today’s meal was on the light side.  A mesclun salad topped with either salmon, chicken or tofu, green apple, dried cranberries, pine nuts, and cherry tomatoes in a vinaigrette.  It was served with a multigrain dinner roll.  Dessert for the vegan was fresh fruit, the non-vegans had warm apples, raisins, cinnamon with ice cream on top and we all had a good cup of coffee.  It was nice, a meal that did not leave you tired.  I always feel energized after these luncheons.  I love speaking with all the women and learning what they do and sharing what I do.  The speaker today was excellent.  Dr. Kristin Marcussen, a chiropractor, who addressed how to handle stress through the holidays.  Very informative.  Who knew your spinal disks were hydrated by water?  I love learning new things.  Dr. Kristen did a great job and had everyone’s full attention.  I can’t wait to go to all the events the Women’s Council has planned for the new year.  I will keep you updated!



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