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His and Hers Lunch

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


His… “meat”ball sandwich on an Italian steak roll fresh from the bakery.


Hers… Vegetable Soup

There were only enough left over meatballs to make 1 awesome sandwich, which I was glad about.  Remember…I will not eat bread today? So that beauty went to Andy!

I, on the other hand, took the healthier road and finished up the vegetable soup I made with dad earlier this week.  Sounds innocent enough, but I did eat a nice slice of our delicious deli rye on the side for dipping! Okay, I know…I will not eat bread tomorrow.

Both were delicious options that were filling and fast.  We had to eat a late lunch after a grueling and crazy trip to Toys R Us.  What a madhouse. That place had every mom in a 10 mile radius shopping at once.  What recession?  Mya is 8 and still has a fantastic imagination, so creative toys still are making the list. Yes! Another Beiber free year! Smile Thank goodness. 

Now, to have a cup of coffee and begin my bread orders…Fridays just fly by.  Can’t wait till Mya gets home from school.  We have lots of fun projects planned for the weekend.





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