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Iron Skillet Breakfast

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Nothing makes breakfast better than a cast iron skillet.  Even the cowboys knew that.  Potatoes get crispy, onions get soft and sweet, sausage gets perfectly browned. Even “eggs” don’t stick.  I love my cast iron.

Today, we had a late breakfast as lunch.  That was because Mya had me make whole wheat chocolate chip scones last night, they were so good we had those very early this morning with coffee.  After a bit of running around due to a bread mistake I made, we can home hungry.  Now, I was ready to cook. 

I inventoried the fridge and cabinets to see what I could whip up.  Potatoes, onions, peppers, 2 links of apple smoked sage Field Roast “sausage”, 1 block of tofu, some left over Dayia cheddar, and some rye bread.  Right away a skillet meal came to mind. 

I quickly cleaned the potatoes, then popped them in the microwave for a few minutes to pre-cook some.  Then heated my iron skillet, got the tofu poaching in another pot, and chopped up some onions.  As soon as the potatoes were par-cooked, I cut them in 1” chunks and got them into the hot, olive oil coasted pan.  They took about 8 minutes to be crispy on all sides, then I removed them from the pan and cooked the onions, then the peppers. Once they were almost done, I moved them to the side, added a drip more of olive oil, then tossed in my “sausage” cut in 1” wedges.  While they cooked, I drained my tofu added it back to the pan with a little pat of vegan butter.   I stirred it around, then seasoned it with  Turmeric, seas salt, white pepper, and nutritional yeast.  Stirred until all was blended, topped with Dayia cheese, then put a lid on it to melt.  Now the sausage was browned, added back the potatoes, toasted the bread, and got ready top serve with a little ketchup on the side. 

This was incredible.  It was better than a meal you could get at any diner.  It was so flavorful and the textures were just so perfect.  A real “10” breakfast.






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