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Miso Soup

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“Soup is good food”, we have heard that quote from Campbell’s, but Miso soup is really good food.  Flavor is just a cherry on top when it comes to the many benefits of Miso soup. 

Miso is a fermented soy paste that is great for digestion.  It is a key player in the macrobiotic diet.  It is a great way to start a meal or even start you day. I did actually have this for breakfast this morning!

I love to start with onions softening in coconut oil, then I add celery and carrots sliced.  Once the veggies are almost cooked, I add water and  a mushroom and vegetable bouillon cube.  I also add shitake mushrooms, which are a super food.  Then some grated ginger root, also good for the stomach, and a hint of Thai Chile paste  for a little heat. Next is 1/2 block drained tofu cubed.  Mix that in so it absorbs the flavors and adds some protein and calcium. In a separate bowl, I combine warm water and my miso paste.  I whisk the paste until it is dissolved.  Then I turn down the heat of the soup and add my miso paste. You want to make sure it is not boiling.  Miso contains beneficial live enzymes that are destroyed when boiled.

I also add a handful of buckwheat soba noodle to the pot.   Next, I add Trader Joe’s vegetable pot stickers.  They are frozen, so I put them in during the last 10 minutes before I want to serve.  While everything is on low, I chop up a ton of fresh spring onions and sprouts to put on top. I love a lot on mine.  Once I pour it in the bowl, I add a drizzle of sesame oil, sprouts and green onion and top off with toasted sesame seeds.

I always make my miso soup different. If I have snow peas and Napa cabbage, I will add those, if I have a bag of  Japanese veggies in the freezer, I will add the whole bag.  You can make it however you like it.  Directions for basic miso are always found on the container of Miso.  Miso is a great ingredient to keep in your fridge.  It can be soup in ten minutes, or an ingredient to lend a cheesy flavor to a dish.  It varies from the very mild white, more full bodied red, to a dark rich brown paste.  They are all wonderful flavors and can usually be found in the organic refrigerated section. 






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