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Anniversary Asian Inspired

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I really don’t eat out.  With the exception of Wholefoods Bar and Wegman’s Bar on very rare occasions.  Before being so health conscious our favorite way to celebrate occasions was to go to an Asian restaurant.  Reminiscing on those previous anniversary’s, I decided that a great classic Asian restaurant meal was the way to go for our 16th wedding Anniversary. After inventorying my ingredients, I made a pit stop at Wegman’s for a few essentials.

The meal started with restaurant “Chinese Tea” in classic pot and cups.  I sweeten slightly with agave nectar.    Since I was going for traditional “bad food” I did purchase some authentic Asian fried noodles for the table and some fortune cookies too.  I used organic Jasmine rice instead of my heart healthy brown rice.  The main course was a vegan chicken and veggies stir-fry in spicy orange sauce.  I used Gardien crispy “chicken” tenders for the more authentic fired feel/taste.    I topped the dish with toasted sesame seeds.  Served on the side were a crispy vegan eggrolls baked to perfection. 

All in all this was a perfect duplication without being the over sauced under vegetable MSG laden meal we would normally be presented.  Also, eating at home helps me control my portions better and not be tempted to order more or eat other dishes that would not be as good of a choice.  My family LOVED it.  It was also much cheaper in the end. 




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