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Pepper “Steak” Salad

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
Oh what a nutritious lunch!  Tons of tender organic baby greens topped with mixed sweet peppers, red onions and juicy grape tomatoes. I drizzled some homemade balsamic-cashew dressing on top.
I used Gardein Beefless Tips for my “steak”.  I started the Pepper “Steak” by cooking some sweet red onion slices, then adding mixed bell pepper strips and some healing super shitake mushrooms sliced.    Once mostly cooked, I added my partially defrosted sliced Gardien.  I seasoned the mixture with some vegan Worcestershire sauce.  As soon as it began to all caramelized I turned off the range, added a sprinkle of vegan pepper jack to the salad, then topped it with the warm “steak”.  We both ate every bite, not leaving a leaf behind. 


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