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Baby Rainbow Chard from Farmer’s Market

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Finally, local organic produce!  Collegeville Farmer’s Market had it’s grand opening today.  Bright and early at 9:00am local vendors filled the lot as curious residents came to view the offerings.  I was so impressed by the local organic farm stands.  Considering how early in the North Eastern growing season we are, they had lots various veggies and herbs to satisfy the epicurean in all of us. 

I slowly approached the stands to see what finds might jump out at me.  Low and behold Baby Rainbow Chard.  Considering my attempts, or should I say, failed attempts at growing Chard, I was ecstatic.  I immediately purchased about a pound, carefully placed it in my responsible, eco friendly bag that I brought from home, and rounded up the family to make our final purchases.

As soon as I got home, I rinsed the beautiful, fresh, crisp, colorful rainbow, and began to prepare lunch.  I then warmed my trusty cast iron pan and added a small bit of organic olive oil.  I tossed in some minced garlic and sautéed until golden.  I roughly chopped the chard and added it to my pan.  A pinch of sea salt, pepper and garlic powder seasoned it perfectly.  As the wilting began, my mouth watered at the aroma.  I complemented the quickly disappearing chard with a few tablespoons of pine nuts.  I let them cook together a minute or two before tossing in some halved ripe grape tomatoes.  After just a minute of cooking with the tomatoes, I  removed the blend from the pan and plated them.  To top off the slightly bitter green, I made a balsamic syrup reduction in the pan I cooked to chard in.  It did not take long form my aged balsamic to become a sweet thick syrup.  I drizzled it over the top and called it a meal.  It was so delicate and delicious,  there is just something about eating local that makes it taste better!





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