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Two very different breakfasts…

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My husband and daughter enjoyed these creamy grits for breakfast this morning.  Organic corn grits with a pinch of pink salt, fresh cracked pepper, some crunchy salty vegan bacon bits, and a little bit of vegan cheese and a small pat of earth balance buttery spread.  I kicked up the salty and cheesy flavor by adding a few tablespoons of nutritional yeast while cooking.  Needless to say, the bowls were licked clean.

My breakfast preference on this warm and muggy morning was SALAD.  Yeah, I know, salad for breakfast?  I open the fridge this morning, and staring me in the face was so much fresh beautiful organic produce from yesterday’s shopping, I just couldn’t help myself to a great salad.



Thanks to all these great ingredients, I feel full of energy to start my day. 


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