Plants never tasted so good.


Superb Sunday Dinner

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


This meal is definitely sinful in taste.  Just like grandma used to make, only a bit healthier, and with tofu and beans instead of meat.  The Meatless meatloaf was so similar in texture to the original that even I was impressed.  This loaf is protein powerhouse in disguise.  The sweet and spice bbq ketchup it is topped with make this loaf really stand out.  I do admit, this particular meal did have a lot of ingredients, but it was well worth the effort. 

In addition to the meatless loaf, I made a sweet pea and corn side, mashed potatoes made with three different kinds of potatoes, and mini-corn muffins.  All of witch tasted sinful, but no guilt here.  Don’t you just want a forkful???




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