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What I Ate Wednesday #55

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wiaw 55 colloage

Hello, and welcome to WIAW #55!  Another week has flown by, everyday inching closer to spring, and then my beloved summer.  Exercise has been top priority right now. Although, I know I am going to have to clean up my eats a bit more if I want to reach my summer goals.   Last year, I did a lot of calorie counting, this year, I am just trying to use my instincts.

brek burrito

Breakfast was a Mexican scramble inspired breakfast “burrito”. I started by cooking up a large cast iron skillet full of onions, black beans, colorful peppers, corn, and diced yellow baby tomatoes seasoned with some Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime.  I made a lot it so I could use it for the week as a base for a couple of meals. 

To create my mock burrito, I made some scrambled tofu flavor with turmeric, nutritional yeast and black salt for a classic egg flavor a little shred of Dayia cheddar really adds flavor too!


I combined the tofu egg with my black bean mixture, added some fresh avocado and some hot pepper rings before folding it into a soft low carb wheat tortilla. 



tj reduced carb wheat tortilla

These tortillas are my favorite. They are from Trader Joe’s and they have just 45 calories and are packed with 6 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein.  These tortillas are thin, but not too thin and they are super tender.  I prefer these to many of the wrap alternatives.  I ate two of these “burritos” for breakfast.


Mya and Andy both had a hash brown from Trader Joe’s on the side. I just had the burritos.

hash browns


Prince was patiently waiting, hoping, someone would leave some breakfast behind.


This breakfast was super filling and allowed me to stay full and focused while I worked through the morning. I had planned on veggie burgers for lunch and pasta for dinner, but I had a change of plans, so I swapped my meals around.

Brown rice pasta with spaghetti sauce and fried eggplant made for a hearty lunch.  I used an organic sauce with some fried onions and lots of dried herbs to spice it up a little. This meal was pretty straight forward. No recipe, just cook pasta, heat sauce, pan fry eggplant with just some cooking spray, put together, shred a tiny bit of Dayia block cheese on top!








One helping was not enough, I had to have a few extra bites, then move away from the table.  I swear I could have eaten the whole pound!

We had a early lunch, then had to run around a few hours.  I was so hungry when we got back.  We agreed on veggies burgers and mixed tater tots for a quick dinner.  I normally eat my veggie burger over a salad, but I love the Amy’s Bistro burger on a whole wheat flat.  I loaded the burgers up with dill pickle sandwich slices and chopped onion. I served the tots with homemade honey  agave mustard on the side.


I almost forgot about the picture. Can you tell? I had one bite before I realized it!  It was GOOOOD!


I was stuffed again, thank goodness it was only 5:30 and I had time to get in a round of cardio after dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed these burgers.


I hope you enjoyed these easy meals and I hope that you are inspired to eat some extra veggies!

Prince loves his veggies. He eagerly sits by the cutting board or patrols the kitchen waiting for any rogue produce to escape and roll off the board and into his mouth! He looks so innocent, but, to unsuspecting carrots plunging to the floor, he is a total threat! Winking smile BEST DOG EVER!!!!!


Have a great day, I hope you stop back to see what is on next week’s menu!



  1. That fried eggplant looks like an amazing topping for spaghetti. Oh, and I want some of those tater tots! Look tasty.

    My dog is the same way with food. If I ever drop something when I'm cooking, all I have to do is call her name and she'll come running :D

  2. I LOVE all these and what a cute pup! New reader and GFC follower.

  3. TRADER JOE'S IS THE BEST! I adore their tortillas :) Love the pup as well!

  4. Wow, everything looks just INCREDIBLE! I'm super hungry after looking at all of that food. :-)

  5. Look at you, have me drooling over those meals... yummy!!

    I've never had tofu "eggs" before, but we do enjoy tofu.

    I love eggplant, so naturally your pasta looks great, and who doesn't love a good veggie burger. I sure do.

    We aren't vegan, or even vegetarian, I'm Romanian, so not sure if I could ever kiss my meat goodbye for good, BUT,,, I think I could easily try incorporating as many veggie meals as possible. We actually do eat lots of vegetarian often, mostly Indian food. :)

    Love your blog, and the wealth of information and recipes. Totally following along now :)

    So glad I stopped by! Have a great day girl :)
    P.s. After coming back from an extended blogging break, I've started a 40 day challenge to get HEALTHY by my birthday. If you get a chance to check it out, I could sure use the support!
    Hugs, Bella :)
    Bella's 40 Day Challenge

  6. Prince is totally adorable!! And that eggplant looks amazing. :)

  7. I LOVE making breakfast burritos with vegan ingredients. Yours looks SO good! Isn't Daiya awesome? :)


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