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What I Ate Wednesday #31

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious

 A rainy day makes me want to cook. Who am I kidding, everyday I love to cook, but rainy days, I cook comfort food .  You know may be over doing it at dinner when your fourth grader arrives home from school and says, “Wow, is it Thanksgiving?”  Yeah, maybe I went a tad overboard for a Tuesday.  But, I believe every meal you are lucky enough to share with your family is worth celebrating.  So, bring on the food.


Breakfast on this rainy morning was tofu scramble express. Express, because I have been making my scramble once on Monday, then warming up some any day I want a scramble for breakfast.  I used to make a fresh batch every time.  Now, with Mya back to school and my workouts and other business to attend to, I want a quick option available.  What I find great about tofu scramble is, it reheats as good as the fresh off the stove batch.  Convenient and delicious. 

This scrabble was a mix of tofu for protein, sweet potatoes for energy and carbs, hot and sweet peppers with onions for there great antioxidants. A tiny bit of organic ketchup on the side, and a perfect quick breakfast is enjoyed.


Once Mya was dropped off at school, I came home and prepared a large pot of my chicken-less pastina soup. I cannot believe how much it reminds me of my grandmothers.  Thick slices of carrots, mellow onions, chunks of celery and delicate spinach in my veggie “chicken” broth.  I ran out of my no salt bouillon cubes, I had to use regular vegan chicken cubes, I am glad it was not to salty.  I always crank some hot pepper in my bowl.  I cooked it with whole wheat pastina and it was a perfect lunch. 



Of course, I served it with a sandwich for Andy and a half for me.  Rye bread with vegan roast beef, horseradish and Vegenaise.


I was looking forward to dinner all day.  Field Roast Celebration Roast with roasted root veggies and butternut squash.  I also made apple cider gravy to top the roast and veggies. I will admit, the house did smell like Thanksgiving.  It was beyond delicious, we really enjoyed our first butternut squash of the season. 








Dessert was not quite as sweet as I hoped.  I had a box of wheat muffin mix and turned into what I thought would be cute little apple cinnamon donuts.  They were not as soft and sweet as I wanted, but they were still delicious.  Maybe a  cinnamon glaze will be a good topping…hmm…




I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday, I am going to be  enjoying the leftovers, if there are any!




  1. I think that's a great idea to make tofu scramble early in the week and heat it up every morning... I need to do something like that for college breakfasts. The only trouble is that once I have something in my fridge, I always want to eat it. I'd probably have eaten the whole batch by the end of Monday :P

    1. Believe me, I do have that problem, I keep it out of sight in the fridge, or I would pick at it. I know there are mornings when I run short on time and cereal or a smoothie is not what I want. I think this is a good option that works for me.

  2. I've been dying to make some apple donuts but haven't bought a pan yet...thanks for reminding me! :)

    1. Fall baked apple donuts and a mug of apple cider just seem right. I love donut pans!

  3. That soup looks amazing! And now that it's chilly, that sounds perfect!

  4. Happy WIAW! Your donuts look tasty! I wish we had cooler weather now. :-)

  5. Love the tofu and sweet potato combo! Beautiful. That's so cute that she compared it to Thanksgiving. I wish I was coming home to your place to eat at the end of the day!

  6. I hear ya on the rainy days! There's also something about fall that spells doughnuts. Okay not really, but you know what I mean! You are welcome to link up your fab food photos or any others on tomorrow's Photo Friday over at Ladies Holiday! Cheers!


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