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What I Ate Wednesday #26

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Another fast week has gone by.  It has been full of food (especially tomatoes), fun, and some new Monster High Dolls too.

This week I realized that I have just three months until my 38th birthday. Did I just admit that? I thought since I love to work in three month blocks on my goals, this would be a perfect time to review and regroup my fitness goals and really get where I want to be.  Wouldn’t that be a great gift?  Those last three pounds gone and some new lean muscle developed.  I really have stayed pretty tried and true to my healthy eating and workout for over a year, consistently. I can see the results, I am close to being in my best shape.  Now, I really want to reach that goal by my birthday.  I want a full 6 pack, not just the shadow of one I sport now while flexing.  I want any remaining “skinny fat” abolished. 


It may sound silly, or that I am not happy with the awesome results I have already achieved, but that is simply not the case.  You see, I suffer form the 90% habit.  I am a vata, so I get bored and distracted easily.  I do everything 90% and then I move to the next thing, believing what I achieved was good enough.  For example, I was a perfectly happy B student, I do a HUGE pile of dishes and leave the last two, I vacuum around things instead of moving them, I dust around things, okay, I don’t really dust too often, but when I do, I have a bad habit of going around things, I put a huge pile of laundry away, and leave the last few clean items in the basket, you get the idea. The only thing I do not do that with is cooking a meal and my work in the bread business.  When I have a to do list, I always complete it, I think that is why I never add cleaning to the list, I would have to actually do it and then cross it off. Smile 

So, all this rambling is to explain why I am going to put a full force new effort into my eating and training program.  I really want to achieve this goal.  I guess I feel if I let you all know about it , I might actually make it to 100% instead of just 90%!  I will be blogging a lot more of my program, recipes and results starting in September when Mya returns to school.  Okay, now that my rant is over, on to What I ate Wednesday!

Breakfast yesterday was a scramble.  I have not had a tofu scramble in awhile, I have been having lots of protein shakes for breakfast, so yesterday, I broke out the cast iron pan and made an incredible tofu scramble.  It was full of potatoes, garden peppers, onions, mushrooms, field roast sausage, and garden tomatoes along with poached and seasoned tofu.  Delicious.




I wake up every morning by 4:30am.  I enjoy a cup of coffee with Andy and we relax and catch up on a show that Mya cannot watch with us, like True Blood.  Then we both get changed and go to the basement for a half hour of cardio, elliptical for me and bike for Andy.  I cannot eat too early, so cardio, then breakfast.  After breakfast I do my weight and strength training.  Meals like this get me through until lunch. 

I used to eat 5 small meals a day like suggested by most athletes, but three good meals seems to work better for me.  although, if I eat dinner too early, some time I have some air popped popcorn for a small bowl of high protein high fiber cereal around 7pm.

It was pouring rain by lunch. The dark sky and cool air made me want soup. Since those tomatoes were still screaming my name, I thought it would be great to have grilled cheese with thick slices of garden tomatoes and onion along side some tomato soup.  It was fabulous.  I have not had that in so long.  I used Daiya block cheese sliced thin as my “cheese”.




I picked a large zucchini out of my garden and have had it on the counter for two days. I wanted to use it for dinner, but I was not feeling that inspired.  I remembered how when my grandmother had lots of zucchini from the garden she would make zucchini fries.  I thought that might be a good idea, so I whipped up some flax eggs and made a whole wheat bread crumb mixture to dip it in.  I smoked up the whole house while making these!  They were good, but not great like my grandmother made.  I think I rushed them.



Mya decided she wanted to make her own What I Ate Wednesday dinner. She made a version of Fondue.  She made it all by herself.  She melted some Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack in the microwave, she added some coconut creamer and herbs de Provence, thinly sliced Tofurky turkey, and some fresh basil. She stirred and melted until it was a perfect consistency to dip.  She cubed up whole wheat bread and dipped away.  I have to say, it was really delicious.  I was so impressed.  Considering I never made fondue before, I could not believe she knew how.  When I asked her where she got the idea, she said, “I make it all the time on this app game”.  Glad my ipad is teaching her something beside playing Office Jerk!  Here is a pic she took of her creation.



Since it is Wednesday morning when I am writing this, I thought I would show you what I actually ate Wednesday morning for a high protein breakfast.  Don’t laugh, I believe it is perfectly okay to have a veggie burger and hummus for breakfast, good thing Andy thinks so too. When you have been up since 4am, by eight, I guess it kind of is lunch!

Our breakfast this morning was a black bean burger with caramelized onions and mushrooms over shredded spring mix , more garden tomatoes sliced thick, with a nice smear of hummus on top. This was absolutely delish!



Thanks for reading!  I am now off to do my strength training! Happy What I Ate Wednesday!


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  1. You look amazing! And the great thing is, your food is healthy, but by the looks of it, also delicious. Healthy and tasty can co-exist, right? :)


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