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What I Ate Wednesday #20

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


Short and Sweet. Today, I have a mound of paperwork combined with a few tasks with deadlines of 9:00 tomorrow.  I wanted to still squeeze in my day of eats.  I just can’t miss a WIAW.

Tuesday was filled with many random and necessary to do’s that just could not be put off.  I knew even my workout might get a bump to tomorrow.  I did still mange to get my 6:00am thirty minutes of elliptical in. As soon as I was done, it was a quick breakfast and get Mya off to camp.  I had to dress her up like and alien.  It was fun, lots of green eye makeup and a cute outfit.  I was in such a rush getting her out on time I forgot to take a picture. Sad smile I thought I could snag one at the end of the day, but all her Alien makeup was gone by her pickup time.

We all had breakfast sandwiches on whole wheat Bagel Thins.  I just love those bagels.  It was tofu egg, Daiya block cheddar cut in thin slices, and some vegan bacon.  Not packed full of veggies like I hoped, but it was fabulous anyway.



Lunch was also on the run.  I had to stop by one of my bakeries on my way to visit a bread customer.  They had some fresh ciabatta rolls that were a little bigger than dinner rolls.  I got a few to go and made Andy and I both hoagie like sandwiches for lunch.  P1060110

Still, not the most nutritious, but I did manage to add a load of shredded romaine, fresh tomatoes, and some sweet red onion to them. They also had some Tofurky turkey for protein, some crushed red peppers for heat, and a few thin slices of Dayia block style Jack cheese.  A drizzle of balsamic and olive oil completed them.


I ate a few cherries on the side and finished my meal with a small bite of one of Mya’s vegan cookies, and a hot cup of coffee to go, again.


Andy and I fled in two directions having to get our tasks done before camp ended.  Oddly enough, were both turning back into the driveway precisely at the same time. How does that happen?  We definitely could not have planned such timing.

Once I picked Mya up, she wanted a snack and some relaxation.  Since I was not even close to through my pile of paperwork, her wish was granted until dinner.


I hijacked every vegetable in the fridge to make this awesome nutritious dinner.  It was a combination of two zucchinis diced, one diced red onion, four ounces of  quartered mushrooms, one sliced bunch of asparagus, half a pint of grape tomatoes, and a bag of steamed brown rice.  I seasoned everything while it sautéed, using just a few tiny drizzles of Braggs liquid aminos and some Mrs. Dash Garlic Blend. The veggies were sautéed until just cooked, but not too soft. I also quick sautéed a bunch of curly kale for the base of our dish and  made us a few Gardein Chicken tenders on the side.  I ate a huge plate of veggies and had two tenders sliced thinly on top and a few drops of lemon garlic dressing for some kick!




Now this tastes like summer! One more busy day to enjoy before the next heat wave begins.  Time to clean, so the relaxing by the pool can commence by the time the intense heat comes our way.  A good book and a glass of wine, Mya splashing in the pool, sounds like a heavenly weekend ahead, but first…work! happy WIAW.

Check out my last post Lasagna Lovin’, if you missed it!

lasagna poloroid

Have a great day, and stay cool!




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I need to get the market three times a week to eat this meal everyday! I love tons of veggies.

  2. Your dinner looks fantastic! I love sauteed veggies the same way - cooked but not too done.

  3. I do not like over cooked veggies. Unless it's soup, I like my veggies with bite, not mushy and soft!

  4. Happy WIAW! I love your salad. I am going to try your lasagna recipe. Thanks for sharing. :-)


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