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What I Ate Wednesday #15

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Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great week and got out to enjoy some of the fantastic Spring weather.  Lots of outdoor activities are taking place around our house. Yard clean up, camping, gardening, walking home from school instead of driving, eating our meals on the porch and watching all the new baby wildlife that graces our backyard.  We have baby groundhogs, rabbits, fuzzy geese, deer, tiny squirrels and lots of baby birds singing away.  I love spring!

My meals today were pretty simple with lots of flavor and color.  Yesterday, I had overnight oats for breakfast, they are super healthy, but I am starving two hours later.  So today, I opted for my classic Tofu Egg, “ham”, and Dayia Cheese on a whole wheat bagel thin.  tofu egg cheese ham

Andy, Mya and myself each had one for breakfast.  The protein and complex carbs keep me full until lunch.

3 tofu sand

This lovely breakfast was just 315 calories and packed in 24 grams of protein!

Since it is a holiday weekend and bathing suits are eminent, and salad is a must have lunch for me this week.  Lots of greens, brightened up with colorful vegetables.  I dressed mine with a light Blush Vinaigrette and a few small leftover meatless meatballs.


meatless meatballs

After school snack was my new obsession, Drunken Strawberries with Sweet Vanilla Tofu Ricotta and topped with homemade chocolate sauce and chopped nuts.

drunken berries

The strawberries for me and Andy were soaked in Amaretto, while Mya’s were tossed in a tiny bit of agave.  I lightly sweetened the tofu  and made my chocolate sauce from equal parts agave and chocolate.  You can find the whole recipe here on my recipage, I will be posting it today.


P1050547 P1050548

Layer of ricotta, layer of strawberries, drizzle of chocolate, sprinkle of nuts, drop of ricotta, top with berry!

P1050554 P1050555
P1050557 P1050560

ricotta parfait

mya strawberry ricotta

Pizza was on the menu for dinner.  But not just any ol’ pizza, a polenta crust and veggies on top.  I made a huge batch of polenta, enough to make a crust for a half baking sheet.  While the polenta cooked, I seasoned it with sea salt and Italian seasoning.  When it was rich and creamy, I spread it evenly onto a foil lined baking sheet that had a tiny bit of olive oil on it.  Once it covered the sheet, I placed it in the freezer to cool down and get solid.  I preheated the oven to 450 and cooked my veggies while the polenta cooled.  Once the oven was ready and the polenta was solid, it was placed in the oven to start to crisp.


polenta crust

Then, add sauce and Dayia cheese.


Next, the veggies, we had mushrooms, zucchini, onions and vegan pepperoni.


Slice and serve!




If you enjoyed this post, please check back soon.  I am recommitting myself to post daily if I can.  Quick meals and interesting things I learn that I would like to share will be featured, along with workouts and vegan family updates…and some recipes too!

Enjoy your Wednesday!



  1. Everything looks AMAZING! I am lovin' the drunken strawberries. I am so excited about checking out your Recipage posts! Thanks!

  2. Omg that bagel and pizza look so good!!

    1. Thank you, we ate the leftover pizza for breakfast today, it was even better reheated on pan. So good!

  3. EVERYTHING looks delicious. I really wish I could have some of that salad. It's so bright and colorful. I love that you used a polenta crust for your pizza!

    1. I love being back to summer salads. Fresh crisp ingredients are the best!

  4. Happy WIAW! Everything looks tasty. I will have to try your Drunken Strawberries with Sweet Vanilla Tofu Ricotta! :-)


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