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Sunday Stuffed Shells

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Hi everyone!  Here is a quick look at a fun, quick and easy Sunday dinner, stuffed shells.


I do not make these very often, in fact I think it might be a year since I made them last.  This time I tried a new brown rice pasta instead of wheat.  They offered a cooking method of boiling them for two minutes and then covering and turning off for twenty minutes.  I tried it, and it worked really well.

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While I cooked the pasta, I made my tofu-cashew ricotta and set it aside.  It was a perfect consistency for a light, fluffy, cheesy filling.  I season my soaked cashews and tofu with sea salt, pepper, miso, Italian seasoning, garlic, a touch of olive oil and red pepper flakes.  I also added a tbsp. of arrow root to really get the right consistency when cooked.  It is amazing!




Once my shells were cooked, I pre-heated the oven to 375 degrees.  I lined a casserole dish with half a jar of my favorite organic sauce.  Then one by one, I filled my shells with about 2 tbsp. of my ricotta mixture.  When they were all filled, I poured the remaining sauce over the shells and then I shredded some vegan mozzarella over the whole dish and then popped it in oven for 45 minutes. 


I made a small salad to have on the side of my amazing stuffed shells.  I was really impressed with the rice pasta shells and will definitely be using them again.


This was a totally decadent tasting meal and there was very little left over, the whole family enjoyed it.



Mya was super exhausted today after Saturday was spent playing in an early morning regular soccer game, and then participating in a tournament later that afternoon. 




She thought it was best to spend her Sunday making new Lalaoopsy homes out of recycled diorama projects from this year and last.  I wish I was nine!!!!


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  1. Good for Mya for taking soccer! My daughter has agreed to start this year. These shells look fantastic. Do you have a recipe for the tofu ricotta? I am not much of an experimenter!


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