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Too unseasonably warm for chili? Try chili salad!

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


Another pantry and fridge clean out lead me to make a nice healthy pot of chili.  It was a simple recipe using soy chorizo, a large can of low sodium diced tomatoes, a can of kidney beans, some low sodium vegetable broth, peppers, onions, and assorted herbs and spices.  I tried to keep the sodium to a minimum. 

By enjoying a cup of this on my salad instead of eating a huge bowl, I was able to have the best of both worlds.  A  salad topped with healthy chili is a low calorie nutrient rich dish that is guilt free.  My whole salad including 1 tbsp. Creamy Italian dressing and chili on top was only 290 calories with 16 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber! Dig in!




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