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Smart Fries: A Product Review

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


While shopping at BJ’s today, I was looking for a chip alternative to put in Mya’s lunch, and I came across these.  Skinny Fries.  While you know, I really prefer not to eat packages foods, sometimes, there are places I use them.  Mya’s lunch is usually a sandwich on whole wheat or Ezekiel, 2 pieces of fruit, a homemade dessert, and a crispy snack along with organic juice or almond milk.  I was a little hesitant to purchase these because, in my experience, most of these type “fries” are really oily and have ingredients I would not eat.  However, once I read the ingredients and nutritional fats, I thought they were worth a try.

My review… They are great! Light, airy, crispy, not at all greasy, and just the right amount of sea salt!  Here are my pros and cons.

Pro: A short ingredient list-



Pro: You can eat 65 fries per serving! This is what a picture of one serving looks like. It’s a lot!




Pro: Did I mention this huge bag was only $4.59!  Once I brought them home and had Mya approve them for taste and texture, she kept asking me for more, I broke them down into snack packs for her lunch.  If I leave them in a big bag, everyone will get there hands in them, and a serving turns into three.  To avoid that problem, I make my own lunch snack packs.  The mini bags I used held about 32 fries, or half a serving.  That is about 55 calories and less than than 1 gram of fat!  This large bag made 27 snack packs.  That is a great value and a guilt free snack.  That breaks down to $.17 for one of my half serving bags!




The only con is that I wish they were organic.  I am glad I got them, and I believe they are a much better chip alternative.  BJ’s only carried the Classic with sea salt, but they come in many flavors.  I hope to try them all, except the ones with cheese!


  1. I am constantly trying to find nutritious alternative to my three picky eaters. I'm sure this will fit all their taste. Thank you so for sharing!

    1. It's worth a try! The texture reminds me of a less greasy Cheetos.

  2. I absolutley love these as a snack & go... I have gotten my friends & family hooked on them as well... If you haven't already tried the Barbeque I definitely recommend it.. Great job & can't wait to see what you come out with next.....

    D Blues


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