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Oatmeal Raisin Protein Pancakes on a Snowy Morning

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The pancakes were secondary compared to the post card like morning mother nature bestowed upon us.  The perfect snow.  It stuck to the tree and grass, but not to the road.  When you own a business that puts 3 delivery trucks on the road at 4am, that is the best case scenario for winter’s gift. 

I woke up having caught Mya’s cold from last week.  Now, I am the one sneezing and complaining.  I kissed her too soon, she said.  I thought I escaped this one, but, low and behold, a few days after we got her better, it caught up with me.  This is the first day in longer than I can remember that I did not exercise.  Sad smile

I did not feel up to having my tofu scramble, I know, I must be sick!  I decided to try my new Sun Warrior Protein to make my protein pancakes.  I made them to resemble the flavor of an oatmeal cookies.  Into my vitamix, I added vanilla protein with tofu, yogurt, coconut milk, oatmeal, raisins, cinnamon, chia seeds and vanilla extract.  I blended until smooth.  I cooked them on my griddle in a dab of coconut oil until golden brown. I served them with a hint of Earth Balance and some cinnamon infused agave. These may not look as pretty as some of my other pancakes, but they were pretty tasty.

  Here are some pictures from outside my house this morning…enjoy your day!









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