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Veggie Burger over Salad

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


In an effort to win the war against eating too much bread, I made this veggie burger salad.  It was quite tasty, I must say.

I cannot tell you the brand of the burger, because it was a vacuum sealed two pack that I found in the freezer.  It was chock full of vegetables, not soy.    I cooked one for Andy and myself on the stove in my cast iron pan.  While it was cooking, I chopped a romaine and spring mix for a hefty high nutrient low calorie base.  Then I thinly sliced red onions,and quartered cherry tomatoes.  I always find that grape and cherry tomatoes have the most flavor in the off season.  I feel guilty for eating them because they are out of season, but my inner Italian won’t let me not consume tomatoes year round.  I dressed my salad with a few cranks of Trader Joe’s everyday seasoning, and then I drizzled a small amount of my favorite light blush dressing.  When the burger was browned on both sides, I placed it atop my salad, and gave it a little squeeze of ketchup and mustard. It was the perfect size lunch.  Not too big, not too small.



  1. Love this idea! I've never thought to top a salad with a veggie burger. Now, I can't wait to try it.

    I'm a fellow IIN grad. Isn't the program incredible? Talk about life changing!

    I'm having a Cooking Light Cookbook Giveaway if you're interested. It's not Vegan, but lots of veggie focused recipes in it and lots of great pictures for learning techniques.

    1. Martha,

      I am glad you like the salad. I love a bite of burger with a bite of salad, it is hearty, but without the extra carbs.

      I loved the IIN program. It was the most enlightening experience. I think schools could use a model of health education like IIN teaches. I would love to enter giveaway, tell me how.


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