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Spring Roll Lunch

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I was craving spring rolls or vegan sushi after receiving my Wegman’s magazine.Going out for it was not an option, so I raided the fridge and pantry to make my own. Well, I found rice paper in my pantry, so spring rolls it was.  They were delicious, but not so successful.  I made about 6 of these.  Only one, the last one, photographed above, turned out right.  I either stuffed them to much, or the paper ripped.  It was a  mess.  A delicious mess. 

In my spring rolls I added a thin layer of spring mix, tofu cut in super thin slices, then fried in a little coconut oil until crispy and tossed in tequila mango sauce. I also used leftover quinoa instead of rice or noodles, then added Julienned carrots, orange bell pepper, snow peas, and then  shredded cabbage,  pea shoots, and a finally wedge of avocado. Gees, I wonder why they were stuffed?? The chile mango tequila sauce on the tofu was sweet and spicy.  That gave the roll some extra flavor and heat.  I also put some on the side for dipping.  These were fun to make, but I could not believe the patience it takes to make them,  I think they fall into the same category as baking for me.  Patience is not my best virtue.  I am hungry…let’s get this rolled!  Besides the mess, these were a surprisingly filling lunch.  I dished myself two, but only ate one and a half, I got pretty full. 

It has been two weeks since my TJ’s trip, so I am up for a big shop today.  This time Wegman’s.  I am definitely bringing home some vegan sushi, it said they have 2 new veggie rolls, I cannot wait to try them.  I rarely pick something up at the store pre made, but sushi is just one thing I have yet to conquer making better at home.  It has been awhile since I had some, can’t wait for the wasabi and ginger!





  1. Thanks Katie! I just checkout your blog, I love it! Since you love chocolate, check out my recipe post, A New just might fall head over heels!


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