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New Years Day Breakfast

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After a just gorgeous New Year’s Eve day spent outside, I made it till 10:30pm.  But, luckily, I woke up on the sofa next to Andy at 11:45pm.  For the first time in a few years, I saw the ball drop.  Soon after midnight, we carried Mya and her friend up stairs to bed. They almost made it! 

It was a Happy New Year.  I got a great night’s sleep.  I woke up to have a quiet cup of coffee with Andy.  So nice.  Then I made breakfast before the girls woke up.

For Andy and myself it was a spinach, publano pepper, potato, onion and tofu scramble with some Boco sausage on the side.  Andy also had a small bowl of grits.  It was a lovely morning.  The girls just wanted cereal and sausage.  Now they are playing and I am happily working on my meals for the week plan.  I love the fresh start.  I feel like anything is possible.  I also started wearing my new pedometer today.  I really need to keep track of my daily steps.  So far, I have done about 900 steps since I have been up (less than 3 hours, most of which were on the sofa).  It looks like it is going to another warm and beautiful day, we hit nearly 60 degrees yesterday!  I think it will be coffee outside.  Maybe we will even cook on the grill…first I have to make sure no mice have checked in for the winter! Smile

I hope you have a wonderful NEW YEARS DAY.


Yesterday, we enjoyed a huge vegan hoagie for us all to share…





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