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Italian Pepper & “Egg”

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
Growing up, peppers and eggs were a staple in our diet.  Of course we had peppers with nealy every meal.  I think that is why I love savory breakfasts.  Sometimes I just crave this.  Today was one of those days.
Mya had a whole grain waffle and Andy ate a few of my homemade protein squares for breakfast, so I got to make myself whatever I wanted.  My choice was this whole grain English muffin topped with fried peppers, onions and tofu eggs.  This was great fuel for my workout, and it did not leave me too full. 
My workout was much more difficult this morning because I was already really sore.  You know, you think because you workout everyday, you would not get sore as easily when trying something new and different.  Not the case.  Mya and Andy have a new Xbox Kinect game.  Fruit Ninja.  This gave all of us a workout.  Cardio and muscle fatigue.  If your kids have and Xbox and a Kinect, and you want to have a fun time doing cardio, this is your game.  Mya is the most fit kid I know.  She is strong and has unbelievable endurance. When she came from school and said her abs hurt and her shoulders, I knew I had to get in on this game.  Even Andy walked around all day being sore. So, last night I jumped in a game.  Five minutes into it I was already getting shoulder fatigue.  I work my shoulder out 3x per week!  It is so much fun you just keep going.  Today I am really sore.  I pressed ahead anyway.  I am doing a new On-Demand workout I love, so I did not want to skip it.



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