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Busy, busy, busy…need easy pizza lunch!

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It has been a crazy week around here at the bread delivery business, so I have had limited posting time.  Today, I had a lot to do in the kitchen to get ready for the holidays.  I was starved by lunch, making food and not eating it… no fun.   As long as I have a pack of Trader Joe’s Middle Eastern Flatbreads around, I can easily say, “Let them eat pizza”. 

I heated up by griddle and sautéed some mushrooms, peppers, onions, and spinach, all separately. I pre heated the oven to 400 and then put the flat breads in on pizza pans with holes.  I let them cook about 4 minutes before removing them from the oven and topping them with everyone's favorites.  I had a six pack, and we ate them all.  The best part, each flatbread, before topping is only 160 calories, and they are a whole grain!  A few tablespoons of sauce, one ounce vegan cheese and lots of veggies.

I am preparing for Christmas Eve and the Eagles game in which we are having:

2 kinds of Italian Stromboli's

Baked Russet Potato Steak Fries

Onion Rings

Assorted Chips and Dips and Olives

I also made tomorrow’s dessert today….

Chocolate Kahlua & Amaretto Marble Cheezecake in a Chocolate Crust…YUM … it looks heavenly, I will post pictures when we cut into it tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great holiday!!!!!!!!


Getting ready…



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