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French Toast Breakfast

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Day old Italian bread turned French!  I hate waste.  How could I toss away a perfectly good Italian Bread when it could be transformed into a delicious breakfast.  You might be wondering, how a vegan can eat French toast when the main ingredients after bread are eggs and milk? I make an awesome “batter” of almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, vanilla extract, and for an eggy consistency, chickpea flour.  It works amazingly well. I love when I can completely duplicate a classic meal and make it healthier and animal free. I topped my French Italian toast with a little pat of Earth Balance Buttery Spread and some agave nectar.  You can also use maple syrup, but I am just an agave kind of girl!

I only ate one slice.  It was quite a big loaf of bread. It’s called a BOMBER, so you can imagine!  Each sliced was about 6” x 8”, they were huge.

I have been working on an office makeover for the past 4 days.  I can’t wait to show you the before and after shots.   Stay tuned for lunch…




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