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Portabella Burger

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Finally, I got to the grocery store!

Dad and I had an adventure at Wegman’s today.  I got to drag him around and show him all the great foods I buy there and persuade him to get some of the same.  He already eats a pretty healthy vegetarian diet, but, I am always trying to get him to taste some new veggies too.

After over a hour of watching me fill a cart top and bottom, we finally checked out and were hungry for lunch.  We went back in to get a few goodies from their buffet, I love their Kung Pao Tofu, until, I noticed their big price increase.  There is no way I am paying almost $9.00 a pound for tofu and salad.  So, I said, “we just bought some great varieties of veggie burgers , and I have all the fixin’s, plus I have homemade vegetable soup at home, let’s just go home and eat”.  So we did.  We had a veggie burger feast, some vegetable soup and my awesome coffee.  I think dad really enjoyed it.  He keeps trying to talk me into running a healthy café…not ready. 

Thought you would like to see how great these burgers turned out.  And by the way, they tasted even better than they look!

Happy Friday.





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