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Grilled Asparagus & Portabella Slices over Brown Rice

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Dinner was a simple vegetable solution. I had a fresh bunch of skinny asparagus and some hearty portabella mushrooms.

I brushed olive oil on my heated grill skillet and placed thin slices of portabella mushrooms on it.  I also brought a pot of water to a boil to blanch my asparagus before grilling. 

Once my mushrooms were wilting, I flipped them and seasoned with sea salt and pepper.  I blanched the asparagus in the boiling water less than two minutes before transferring them to my grill pan. 

Right before the asparagus was done I brushed 2 tbsp. of a lemon vinaigrette on them.  At the same time, I added just a tiny drizzle of Worcestershire sauce to the mushrooms to give them a steak flavor.  I heated up a bag of Trader Joe’s Multigrain Rice and plated the dish.  It was so good.  Bursting with flavor.  Andy and Mya were both looking for more after they finished their plates.




  1. mmmm....I love mushrooms...and asparagus! My husband is not the biggest mushroom fan, so sometimes I need to hide them in a recipe. lol

  2. I always say, "hide them when you have to, as long as they eat them".


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