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Yesterday’s Lunch Inspired Last Night’s Dinner

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BUTTERNUT SQUASH….Even it’s name sounds delicious!

On my way home every Tuesday, I stop at a little Mennonite farm that has a “honor system” table set up with all their extra garden goodies.  I always get tomatoes, peppers, sugar onions, and an assortment of whatever looks good.  The prices are dirt cheap, and they don’t spray!  Well this week they had ripe butternut squash, so I bought a few.

Yesterday  I roasted 1 whole squash for lunch.  It turned out perfect, creamy tender sweet flesh slightly caramelized.  That is all I ate for lunch because it was so filling.  Mya had a lunch time dental appt. so I brought her a container full.  She opened it in the car, said “YEAH”, then ate it all and asked for more. 

Since it was so good, I decided to make it again for dinner, only this time as roasted butternut squash soup.  It was my best yet.  I t took about 45 minutes in the oven, and about two  in the blender.  What a great way to have squash 2x in a day!





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