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Healthy Breakfast or Mid-day Snack

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
What is this?  Well, I am glad you asked.  It is a creamy dreamy concoction of blended almond milk, oats, chia seeds, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, and banana.  All of these ingredients were placed in the blender last night and then put in the refrigerator UNBLENDED.  I made the topping this morning after blending the oat mixture until smooth. The topping is chopped apple, a tiny bit of Kashi cereal for crunch and my special recipe of “peanut butter caramel”.
This was so filling I could only eat half.  I modified KATHEATS Doughboy Smoothie recipe to make this.  It is served cold.  I think since it is so dense, the next time I make it, I will fill a bowl of fruit, then maybe 1/2 cup of this mixture, and then my crunch and caramel.
It was delicious.  Almost thick yogurt like dessert.  The oats are great for fiber, the vanilla vegan protein had a ton of vitamins, and the chia seeds are a great source of omega 3’s.  I look forward to eating the other half from breakfast later on as a dessert topper to my fruit.

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  1. Do you have the recipe on here somewhere? If not, is there a way you can post it? It looks so yummy I want to make it(:


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