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Fried Eggplant Over Pasta

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
I really wanted to finish up the pasta that I had in the fridge for dinner.  There was not enough left to have full bowls, so I made it into a kind of eggplant parm.
I keep a box of  my favorite fried eggplant in the freezer.  I love this stuff because it does not contain milk or eggs.  It is low fat and gets so crispy in minutes that if  I tried, I could not make it that good from scratch.
On the side, another great salad.  I never tire of great salads.  I added some hearts of palm to the mix.  Mya just loves those.  She is not a big salad eater at dinner, but sometimes has a little if she she likes the mix. Of course while making the salad, when I went to dress it with my white balsamic vinaigrette, I  shook it like I always do, to get all the herbs from the bottom, and guess what?  The lid was not secure, and I took a balsamic bath, and so did my cabinets and floor.  What a mess.  I smelled like salad all night!
So there you have it, reheated pasta, which tastes even more fabulous the next day anyway, topped with crispy eggplant and a light salad.


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