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Best Bun-less Bean Burger & Zucchini Fries

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious
I am obsessed with anything, including and empty plate, that I can enjoy my garden tomatoes on.  I love them.  Anyway, I have been practicing a “no processed food, including meat substitutes” or basically an only whole foods diet/cleanse for the past 10 days.  It has been amazing.  You all already know how clean I eat.  I can’t believe how fresh fruit, veggies, and smoothies can energize you.  I have accomplished so much and feel amazing.
This burger was the first packaged food I have eaten in 10 days. While the burgers I buy are made from whole foods, I still was forgoing anything in a box.
I had a really extreme workout, and then spent the whole day and night rearranging furniture,  I needed a substantial cheat meal.  It beat my expectations  It was melt in your mouth good. I cannot believe after a week how easily I become full.  I made the yellow zucchini into fries on the side.  Mya ate every bite of both, and asked for more, so did Andy!



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