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Guess who’s coming to lunch?

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Today was the last day of school and that means…Mya’s home for lunch!
After a 1/2 day, by the time Mya was home, she was starving.  I knew she would be and I was ready with her favorite lunch.
Today was the first day that I was able to pick fresh squash from my garden and it was a good thing, because Mya loves quinoa and loves squash just as much!

It only took 15 minutes to put this delicious and nutritious lunch together.  First, I rinsed 1cup quinoa, and put it on the stove in 2 cups water and 1/2 low sodium vegetable bouillon cube. 
While waiting for that to come to a boil, I quickly sliced 2 squash thin and placed them on my pre-heated PAM coated double burner griddle.  It takes about 7 minutes to get them browned. So I made the colorful salad.
The salad consisted of, mixed baby greens, roasted peppers, diced cherry tomatoes, sliced snow peas, marinated tofu, olives and marinated artichokes. 
After flipping the squash and cooking the rest, the quinoa was done and salad was ready.

Time to eat…
P1000474 P1000471
P1000475 P1000480
And, all gone it was!
She wore it well….


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