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Party Leftovers Reinvented

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious

After the Super Bowl, I had some left over cut up veggies, a few hot “wings” and some of the sour cream ranch dip.  So instead of just having dipped veggies again, I made an awesome Hot Wing Veggie Wrap. 
I used a huge whole wheat tortilla, spread my left over dip all over, then layered lots of cooling veggies to contrast the super heat of the “wings”.  I put on cucumber slices, baby spinach leaves, radish rounds, carrots, some sprouts, and chopped grape tomatoes.  Then I heated the chopped up wings in my skillet.  When they were almost crisp, I topped them on the bed of veggies and rolled it up.  This was big enough for two of us.  We had it with a left over potato skin and a few left over chips.


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