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Need some carbs to keep warm…

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The dish: Walnut Parsley Fettuccini

The (organic) ingredients: Garlic, Mushrooms, Parsley, Walnuts, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Pepper, Shallots, No-Chicken Broth, a little Miso, a sprinkle of Vegan Parmesan,  and Whole Wheat Fettuccini.


It only took about 20 minutes from start to finish to make this dish,  but it tastes like you’ve slaved for hours.  Nutritional benefits: Lots of antioxidants in the mushrooms, high fiber in the pasta, essential fatty acids in the walnuts, enzymes in the miso, anti-inflammatory  properties in the garlic, and calcium in the parsley.  Not too bad for a warm comfort dish.  Serve it with a salad first, so you can’t fit the second’s you’ll want.


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