Plants never tasted so good.



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Why has it taken me so long to try a simple recipe with under 5 ingredients?  I have made many complicated recipes with lots of ingredients.  For weeks, okay, maybe months now I have flipped the cookbook open to the bookmarked page and thought about attempting to make it, but fear of failure would eventually set in.  How could I possible duplicate the texture and flavor that so easily gets poured from a carton.  Could it possibly be as good coming from my humble kitchen?  No way.  So, again weeks passed.  Finally, I was so low on inventory with no time to go to Wholefoods, my recipe nemesis would now be faced.  How could I muster the courage to face the recipe that has been eluding me for so long.  JUST DO IT I TOLD MYSELF.  So I opened Ani’s Raw Food Essentials to her recipe.  Then, without hesitation, I quickly gathered my ingredients before I could lose my courage.  I took out the Vitamix blender and with quick precision followed the few simple instructions… and Viola… THE BEST ALMOND MILK I EVER EVER EVER HAD.  So sweet, creamy, mellow and dreamy.  My new culinary love.  How, how could it be so simple???  I thought this couldn’t be…is it just me?  Well, after passing around the milk for taste tests, our whole house agrees.  THE BEST MILK THEY EVER TASTED… I have to go now… need to go out and pick up more almonds!


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