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What I Ate Wednesday #57

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& Gluten Free

That’s right, we are participating a gluten free week as an experiment. Because of my nutrition background and study of visual diagnosis, I have had a suspicion that Andy might have a gluten sensitivity. We are trying a week or two gluten free to study the effects of not having it in our system.  Many people have asked me about gluten issues in my sessions, so I was curious if being vegan, I could accommodate both without going raw.  I have gone raw in the past, but I don’t feel for me that it is doable in cold weather.  I enjoy it much more when the produce is growing in my yard.  I do eat a lot of raw food, so this might be a good combination to try. The meals here are from yesterday, day two being gluten free. 

I woke up at 4:00am to coffee, that goodness that has no gluten!  After a bit of writing, I journeyed to the basement for cardio.  Then back up for a 7:00am breakfast.

Frozen Fruit (defrosted), berries and mango, with soy yogurt and protein powder mixed in, topped by hemp and chia seeds.



After breakfast, I knew I had to go to the store to stock up, if two weeks of no gluten were ahead.  So I packed my bags and headed to Wegman’s with dad. I picked up tons of produce, bean noodles, tofu, tempeh, frozen fruit and veggies and other meal essentials. P1100149

I left there quite disappointed, not just because they were out of my favorite bagged kale, because, I probably ended up spending about $80 more than if I had drove 9 more minutes to Trader Joe’s.  Other than Dayia cheese and Vegenaise, I can get pretty much everything at TJ’s. Just since the two weeks I had been there last, so many of their items went up in price.  I budget probably double what most people do for groceries, and I was even shocked.  I don’t mind spending money of good healthy organic food, but, if I wanted to spend that much, I would have gone to Whole Foods and got even better options.

My most exciting find had to be strawberries.

P1100161 P1100160

I know they are not quite in season yet, but when I saw they had organic strawberries, I just could not help myself.


Mya screamed with joy when she got home and saw these!  She ate half of them as an after dinner snack.

I was quite hungry after shopping, I had a coffee before we left the house, and now I was ready for lunch. I picked up a bag of their Asian Salad, I love this mix, especially the cilantro.  Andy does not like cilantro, so I pick it all out of the bag, then put it all in my bowl! Winking smile It came with almonds and Chinese noodles as topping.  I gave the dogs the noodles, and we ate the almonds mixed in.





Right after lunch, I threw together Mya’s after school snack. Peanut butter brown rice syrup rice treats with chocolate chips.


This recipe was adapted from an episode of Andrea Beaman’s Fed Up.  I did not write it down, I just remember the basics.  So I melted some peanut butter in a pot with some brown rice syrup. I poured it into a bowl of puffed rice, not as good as crispies, but I was all out, then I added the chips at the end before pressing it into a casserole dish to firm up.


After refrigerating it for an hour, I cut it into squares.


After lunch, I made up for my weight training I missed in the morning.  My arms were killing me by the time the last set was done!



Dinner was my take on Asian lettuce cups.  I never made these before, but I thought of all those fresh veggies I had, plus a block of Asian baked tofu that would be perfect to add in as the “meat”.  These savoy cabbage leaves were stuffed with a mixture of cooked brown rice, Asian baked tofu, shitake mushrooms, onions, peppers, snap peas, carrots, a drizzle of gluten free shitake mushroom sauce and some peanuts on top.  They were super delicious and I was stuffed after one and a half! Very filling.



After dinner, I had a hot cup of decaf Dark Magic with cinnamon!


At 6:45pm, I made my way to the basement for another 1/2 hour on the elliptical. I was a little hungry because we ate dinner pretty early. I ended the night with a strawberry protein shake and some stove popped pop corn.


So that was the end of our day two of gluten free.  I would also like to share my favorite snack of the week.

Grilled Asparagus with lemon cashew dipping sauce.


I roasted one pound of asparagus at 500 degrees for 5 minutes with a drizzle of coconut oil, some garlic seasoning, and a dash of lemon juice.

While it was roasting, I made my sauce. 

Half cup raw cashews, 2 tsp. lemon juice, 1 tsp. agave and 1 tbsp. water blended in the Vitamix until a creamy thick dipping sauce was formed. YUM!!!! Perfect combo.


I will update you on our progress of gluten free eating next week!  Have a great Wednesday, and eat a piece of bread for me!  Just kidding, I have not craved any yet, it has been three days. 

Enjoy your day and stop by again soon!




  1. Happy WIAW! What beautiful strawberries and asparagus!!! That Asian Salad Kit looks good, that is going on my shopping list. :-)

  2. Those Asian lettuce cups look amazing!! I love the colors :).


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