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What I Ate Wednesday #48

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Welcome to another week of creative veggie meals! Our challenge of eating mostly all veggie meals was so successful, we all decided to keep up with it as best as we can.  I am so excited to share some of these meals.  Thanks for joining me for another edition of…

Coffee is a must at 4:30am before my workout.  I cannot eat anything before I workout. Just coffee, water and vitamins. I am still on the Green Mountain Organic Sumatra Reserve addiction. So dark and delicious, just a tab bit of vanilla coconut creamer enhances its richness. I want another cup now just writing this!  Too late! Okay, so after my coffee, it’s 30 minutes of cardio followed by strength training.  Now I feel great, inspired and ready to eat, or drink! Smile 


Today was another fabulous shake. Protein and super food are a great was to begin the day.  Energizing and filling too. I am getting used to these great boosts after my workout.  I thought it would not be enough considering I usually have a big appetite for breakfast.  I wish there would have been some nice outdoor light to take the smoothie pictures, unfortunately, the indoor shots don’t make it look as appetizing as it truly is! Same goes for my slice of avocado toast on sprouted flourless bread. It is now my favorite breakfast, I look so forward to it after every workout.


shake avocado toast

Normally, in daylight, it looks like this…much better!

P1080332 berry shake

I spent most of my morning writing a new nutrition speech that I will be giving in the beginning of March.  I also worked on some new materials that I am eager to share with my coaching clients.

Lunch crept up pretty fast.  I had no meal planned, so I thought I should use up some of the odds and ends of  the veggies that have lasted through the week. I am due to replenish tomorrow or Friday, depending on my stretching skills!

Here is what I found still fresh in the fridge…

Leftover corn and black beans, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, kale and peppers.


And then I dug a little deeper and found a field roast “hotdog” and some left over zucchini from last night’s tortilla pizza. I put it all together to cook up on the griddle.






I have to admit, I was craving something sweet after lunch.  I love eating a small piece of dark chocolate or a few dark chocolate chips, but nothing is quite as satisfying as some homemade chocolate.


This is kind of a recipe, because, it was more of an experiment that turned out to be heavenly.  As soon as my new batch of coconut oil arrives, I will make an exact recipe, but here is what I experimented with, if you are interested in trying it.

I combined equal parts melted coconut oil, crunchy organic peanut butter,  3 tbsp. each, and 1 tbsp. agave.  Then a pinch of cinnamon and dash of vanilla extract.  I whisked until blended.


Then, I added a handful of mini  shredded coconut and dark chocolate chips.


I blended again and poured half into my candy mold.


To the remaining half, I added 2 tbsp. raw cacao powder and a few raisins.  Then blended and pour into the mold. I only made a few to try, I was not sure how they would firm up.  I popped them into the freezer and gave one a try after 30 minutes.







For the love of my family I will commit to making these bite size blissful indulgences at least once a week. This guilt free confection is now Mya and Andy’s favorite new treat.

Prince stayed in the kitchen intensely watching the process, or maybe he was just waiting for the empty peanut butter jar!


As much as I hate to move on from chocolate, it is time to talk dinner.  Again, I pillaged the fridge, cabinets and freezer.  I was inspired to make a healthy fried rice.  I used brown rice and array of veggies along with a tofu “egg” and some chopped Asian marinated seitan. I chose the seitan to mimic the pork pieces usually found in this dish.


P1090322 P1090323





This was a great meal. It was exactly what I wanted. Dinner was followed by, you know what, another piece of chocolate!


What? Everyone deserves a little dessert!

What did you indulge in this week?

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!


& Prince



  1. The chocolates are a great idea! They look so yummmt.

    1. Thanks, I always need a little something sweet after lunch.

  2. That chocolate recipe is going into my recipe repotoire right now! Love it!

  3. I can't believe you made those chocolates, they look professional!

    1. Awe, thanks. My daughter is always proud to take them in her lunch. Especially if she makes them herself.

  4. Everything looks SO heavenly! I want to be able to make chocolates like that!

  5. That lunch looks fab! and the dinner! and the chocolates!! I will definitely be trying the avocado on toast for breakfast...although i might have it on pitta bread!

    1. This is my vegan taste buds answer to egg on toast. I am a bit obsessed. it is just so good.

  6. I love your little candy molds--so adorable. Great treat idea!


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