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What I Ate Wednesday #43

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I normally start my posts with a happy WIAW, today it is not so easy.  The grief in my heart for all those families and friends affected by the tragedy of Newtown.  My heart is broken and I have to believe there are twenty six additional angels in heaven. God bless all the families, the victims, and all of us who now feel an uneasy vulnerably to be reminded how short and precious life is.  Don’t let evil win, or the holidays will become a tragic reminder of the evil in this world, instead be kind, spread joy, bless others and remember that there is good in the world as well, and you are a part of the good.  Good always wins in the end.

grandmom falco

On a more positive note, we celebrated my Grandmother’s 96th birthday this weekend! It was a night filled with family, love, lots of laughs and food of course.  It is one of my favorite days of the year. Our whole family gets together to celebrate, generations of aunts, uncles and cousins. Spending time with my cousins makes me feel ten again.  Seeing our children play as we used to makes me crack up. The highlights included Mya losing a brand new shoe in the bushes, water balloons being filled in the bathroom, Santa Clause visiting, and fights breaking out over a certain chocolate cookie!


Okay, enough of the personal stories, onto the food!

I made a tofu, mushroom, and baby kale scrabble today, unfortunately my pics were just too dark to use, so here a pic from a few scrambles ago! Winking smile



Hearts of Palm “Seafood Salad” on whole grain crackers were a great snack.



Lunch was leftover veggie shepherds pie. I made a fabulous chicken-less gravy for the base, and stirred in onions, celery, potatoes, carrots, corn, peas, green beans, Gardien chicken, and chopped mushrooms.  I used lots of herbs de Provence for seasoning. The top was a combination of mashed/whipped cauliflower and a potato.  No crust to keep it a bit healthier. Although, I did miss my favorite spelt crust just al little.


Did I mention Mya was home sick today.  She had a cough and her eyes were really red and puffy. I did not know if it was a cold coming on, so rather than infect anyone before Christmas break, I figured I would just keep her home. This is the first day she missed. She seemed much better after breakfast and a few cups of tea and some hot soup. Since her lunch was packed for school, she had a floor picnic with Prince. She rested in the afternoon, and seems good as new now!



Dinner was one of my favorite guilty pleasures that made it feel like summer. Or maybe it was the 60+ degrees today?  Bbq riblets, oven baked potatoes and a side of corn.  The potatoes were so good.  They had a sweet and creamy flesh and they were golden with a slight crisp on the outside.  I rub some olive oil, agave and sea salt on foil to give it the skin that texture and flavor.


Just look at that potato…I could have eaten them all myself!



No dessert today. But since it was an early dinner, I think I see a bowl of cereal with vanilla coconut milk in my future.  I am always hungry again after typing up my WIAW!

I would also like to wish good luck to my mom and all the volunteers she gathers every year to participate in the Annual Law Enforcement Food Drive benefitting the Salvation Army.  This is the 17th year she has been coordinating this major event. Last year we were able to attend and be a part of the festivities.  This year Mya has two tests and already missed school this week, so instead we will be sending them well wishes and some of our bakery rolls and pizza of course!

Good luck mom!


I hope you enjoy your Wednesday and that you and all your families have a very happy holiday!



  1. Happy 96th birthday to your grandma! So cool.

    And I think there is a bug going around everywhere. Hope it doesn't spread too much in your family and everyone feels better!

  2. I just found your blog a week ago and I love it! My husband and I switched over to being full-time vegans, previously full-time vegetarians and your blog has been inspiring me to cook all of our meals and not just make salads either. Thanks so much

    1. Hi Jordan! I am so happy you found my blog and that it has been helpful to you. You made my New Year. I love hearing that I have inspired someone. I will be posting lots of new meals and recipes in the coming year. So please check back and hopefully you will find many new great healthy vegan family meals.

      Have a wonderful New Year and good luck in your vegan food adventure!

  3. haha, ok, I feel like I ask you this on every meal picture you post but are you going to post the recipe for your Hearts of Palm “Seafood Salad” on whole grain crackers? They made my mouth water just looking at them and I am not nearly as skilled as you are in the kitchen to simply "whip some up" knowing a basic ingredient list :). I understand if you purposely don't post some recipes as I think I read somewhere that you own a bakery?? So maybe some of these recipes are trade secrets ;). But if not, I'd luv it! xo


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