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What I Ate Wednesday #41

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious


Welcome! Glad you came by to check out today’s vegan meals.  It was a pretty simple day of WIAW eats.  But, sometimes simple is so good.

Breakfast of champs again. Buttery avocado smashed on lightly toasted rye with Celtic sea salt and cracked pepper.


On the side, my everyday favorite, Organic Sumatra Reserve slightly sweetened with coconut creamer.


Since I ate pretty early and did an intense workout, by 10:30am, I was starving.  I had a cup of my veggie soup that I made yesterday.  It is what I call my “cleanse” soup, because it is so loaded with veggies and beans. Then I had a bigger bowl for lunch. It was full of flavor and hearty, if it was not WIAW, I probably would have had it for dinner as well. Smile



I had an afternoon snack. Sweet and tart organic Pink Lady apple. This one had a crisp bite. I ate half and saved half for Mya.


I planned on making pizza flats for dinner on these new Flat-out crusts I found. Check them out.

P1080503 P1080507

Only 150 calories for 1 whole flat, and they were big! 7 grams of protein too!

I decided on cashew cheese for a topping instead of store bought vegan cheese.  I soaked my cashews in water for a few hours, drained, and rinsed, then put them into the Vita-mix.


I added two small cloves of garlic, sea salt, lemon juice, Italian seasoning, nutritional yeast and then blended. It turns into a thick raw cheese that cooks up so creamy.




While the oven preheated, I precooked my toppings, mushrooms, onions, and asparagus. I also opened a can of black olives to share between the pizza and salad.

I cooked the flats a few minutes before dressing them with sauce, cashew cheese, mushrooms, onions, asparagus and olives.



The cashew cheese gets bubbly and golden.


A nice simple salad with vinaigrette on the side. I wish it was not dark outside when the pizza was done, the light just does not do it justice.

Mya has a new partner in reading homework…


Every night Prince jumps up and wraps himself behind her when she is reading.  He does it to me a night in the office, he doesn't know he is over 50lbs. when he jumps up on my lap every night!

Could you say no to that face?


I have a bonus meal to share. We had pizza on Sunday too.  Quite the opposites of the flats we had tonight.  I brought home dough from the bakery and made pan pizzas in my cast iron pans. OMG! Deep dish heaven.  I would only eat this as a special occasion because it is white dough, but it was pretty heavenly. Crisp on the bottom and pillow like on top.  Pure heaven!








Mya said it was the best pizza she ever ate! What kind of pizza do you like? Thick or thin?

Have a great day and come back soon!



  1. I love avocado mushed on toast. That's what I had for lunch yesterday.

    Your pizza looks good.

  2. Thick and thin pizzas are good with me! Everything looks delicious! I have been having soups lately too, but now I want PIZZA! Prince is just adorable. :) Joann

    1. I know, pizza, thick or thin, as long as it has veggies I'm happy.

      Thanks, Prince is getting so big. He is a big teddy bear.

  3. Wooooow. Both pizzas look amazing! I can never decide which I like more...thick or thin crust? I think when it comes to homemade, definitely thick. If it's store-bought or from a restaurant, thin!

    Your dog is so cute!

  4. Mmm your pizza looks so good! Great job! delicious

  5. I just had avocado smashed on Rye toast with goat cheese! I've been eating it for breakfast and lunch lately! So good!

  6. Apple slicers are probably one of the greatest inventions ever!!! I wish I had one up here with me at school :)

    That pizza in the pan looks fabulous. Pillowy sounds just perfect. I personally like all kinds of pizza except the pan, greasy type from Pizza Hut. GROSS.

  7. Happy WIAW! Your Cleanse Soup looks so tasty. I have been making lots soup lately. I have always wanted to try making vegan cheese but have never gotten around to it. Love your homemade pizza. I like both thin and thick crust pizza but I usually have thin crust. :-)

  8. Ooh where did you get that flatbread?? I want it!

  9. Is there a recipe for the cleanse soup?!


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