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What I Ate Wednesday #38

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Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  I had so much fun making all my meals today.  I am happiest in the kitchen, it relaxes and excites me at the same time.

This week I am doing some experimenting with my vegan meals.  I am trying to use as many veggies as I can and less meat replacers.  I always treat meat replacers as a condiment to my veggies. This week I am trying to focus more on meals that are mostly vegetable and grain based.  So far so good.

Instead of my favorite, tofu scramble, breakfast today was oatmeal for me, grits for Mya and Andy.  I made “oatmeal Raisin Cookie” oats.  I started with my plain bowl of whole oats, not quick cook, added some shredded coconut, raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, a tiny bit of agave, coconut milk, and a spoonful of crunchy granola on top.  It was so good and really tasted like a cookie!  It was twenty eight degrees this morning, so the warm oatmeal was a welcome breakfast.



Right after breakfast I started on lunch.  I made a pot of chicken-less Wild Rice soup.  The classic celery, carrots, onions, but I added a kick with half a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies. It made a great boost in flavor with a mild heat.  It turned out even better than I expected, I ate a bowl and a half.  Mya was home for election day and she had a nice bowl too.  Soup is not the most photogenic meal. Sad smile


After lunch, I was lucky enough to have Mya join me in the kitchen to help make a coconut bread that was outrageously good.

I made a version of Chocolate Covered Katie’s Breakfast Coconut bread.  I tweaked it for the ingredients that I had.  It was so delicious and easy to make.  Less than 1/2 cup sugar in the loaf.

P1080186 P1080188




We made a glaze of powdered sugar and coconut milk.



While the bread was cooling, I prepared dinner.  Stuffed Shells.


One of my favorite meals.  I usually stuff them with tofu cashew ricotta, but this time I made a cashew ricotta.  It was so rich and creamy.  I soaked 1.5 cups cashews for a few hours before blending them with some garlic, miso, Italian seasoning, and a pinch of salt.  Perfect cheese replacement.


In a cast iron pan, I sautéed minced mushrooms, minced onions,  and a bag of frozen spinach with some garlic seasoning, a pinch of sea salt and some pepper.


Then I combined the two.


Then begin to fill.




Add sauce…


Bake 30 minutes…


and serve.



What a day in food. I can’t wait to eat leftovers tomorrow, or now. The rest of the coconut bread is haunting me from the kitchen.  Thanks for stopping by! 

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. Everything looks delicious, especially the stuffed shells and the soup...I LOVE soup! Happy WIAW!

    1. Thanks Fran! I ended up eating the leftover shells for breakfast, I found not help myself!

  2. Oh my all your food just look so so good.

    I've never thought about putting granola on top of my oats. Might have to give that one ago.

    The coconut bread, stuffed pasta shells and soup all sound and look so yummy.

    1. Hi Nikki! There is something about the crunchy granola on top of the oats that I love. It just gives it another texture and boost of flavor.

      I am making another batch if the coconut bread tody. It was such a hit with the family. Dense, sweet & nutritious!

  3. Your stuffed shells sound amazing! I used tofu for my lasagna filling, and it turned out amazing!

  4. My staple ricotta recipe is tofu mixed with 1/2 cup soaked cashew blended. I love the combo. Since I was going for a little more of a whole foods week, I opted for all cashew, which was sinfully rich and totally delicious.

  5. I love Katie's coconut bread recipe. Smart idea to tweak the sugar a little bit!

  6. Those shells look great! And that bread...oh my. :-)

  7. Your dinner looks sooo delicious!
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  8. Your dinner looks so good! I just love all of your pictures! Everything looks delicious!

    I just found your blog and I, too, am Italian! I love to cook, as well. I can't wait to follow your blog!

  9. That bread looks amazing!!! My mouth is watering :)

  10. Your stuffed pasta shells look so so good! I havent had anything like that for agesss. Craving some now!

  11. Hmm... I think that soup looks pretty good! I haven't had any in awhile, but it is just perfect for cold weather.

    And can I just say that those "ricotta" stuffed shells look amazing? Right now I am staying away from grains and nuts for digestive purposes. But if I ever get back on them, this will be a perfect replacement for the dairy that I miss so much!! :)

  12. Ohh that cashew ricotta sounds and looks REALLY good! Cashews are my favorite nut so I'm sure it made a great stuffing!

  13. Your oatmeal looks so delicious. Great way to start a cold day!

  14. that coconut bread looks great!! Any chance in getting the recipe?


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