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What I Ate Wednesday #34

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I am loving October and all this wonder fall food.  A hot breakfast on a cool morning hits the spot.  Today, I made a mushroom and kale tofu scramble.  I added in one crumbled Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage to the pan for extra flavor.  It was just what I needed to get my day started after a grueling workout.

mushroom kale scramble

The rain and cool weather persisted through the morning into lunch.  I thought soup would be appropriate, real home made soup, not the other stuff.

I made my Chicken-less Noodle.  Two thinly sliced Gardein chicken pieces, chunky carrots, kale, celery and onion with a simple miso and no chicken broth make this simple soup, super tasty.  I used a small handful of whole grain angel hair pasta as my noodles.  I spiced it up with lots of Italian seasoning, poultry seasoning and herbs de provence.  I took the whole pot out to cool!



As good as it tastes, it is not as photogenic as the potato soup in a Kaiser bowl I made on Saturday. P1070649

Don’t you agree? I will post this recipe later this week.



After lunch, I worked and then ran errands.  I came home with thoughts of cinnamon and apples in my head.  I remembered my Apple Cinna-bean bars that I made earlier this year.  The recipe is still in the testing phase.  But I will admit, for a healthy treat, they taste pretty amazing.


Did I mention the crumble topping?





Mya arrived home hungry, she had last night’s leftovers as an after school snack. It was half a delicata squash.  These are her absolute favorite.

eating squash

I cooked up a quick and easy dinner.  A beefless green bean stir-fry drizzled in a sesame garlic sauce.

I loved this meal, but I was a little carless when I was preparing it.  I still am feeling the pain. Sad smile I dropped my sliced onions into the heating coconut oil, and it splattered in my face, on my neck and directly in my left eye.  I hope my eye is better tomorrow, it is still a little hazy in a spot.  Another lessoned learned.  I am used to cooking in my cast iron, I used a regular stainless steel pan tonight, it heated much faster than my cast iron.  Mya covered my burns in aloe from our plant, I will put another layer on tonight before bed.   It was a beautiful and delicious dinner once I got to eat!





Mya had her apple cinna-bean bar for dessert with some vanilla soy ice cream on top.  She knows how to eat!  I think I am going to go have a slice right now, with a nice hot cup of decaf on the side.

Enjoy your Wednesday!



  1. Such beautiful photos. Your meals look fantastic!

  2. i hope when i have kids they dig on veggies like yours does! that is so great to see.

  3. Those apple bars look yummy. I hope you perfect the recipe soon!

    That squash looks really good too. I love plain ole squash. No need for toppings!

  4. You meals look so good! YUM! And those apple bars ... yes, please :)

  5. Everything looks so healthy and delicious!

  6. I agree on the apple bar comments!! They look and sound delectable


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