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What I Ate Wednesday #29

Posted by Sinfully Nutritious

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! With all the rain and humidity here in the North East, it is hard to believe that Autumn is almost here.  I know my fall cravings are beginning to kick in.  I have wanted nothing more than to make comfort foods.  And with all those comfort craving comes comfort calories.  That only means a little more exercise to compensate.  If you ask me, it is totally worth it.

I always start the day with some 5:00am coffee before my 6:00am cardio session.  I can never eat before then.  Breakfast this morning was overnight oats.  With Mya back in school, sometimes a simple breakfast is in order.  I love my overnight oats in coconut milk with chia seeds, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon and a tiny drizzle of agave. 


My bowl had 1/2 cup oats and it was so rich and dense I could only eat half my bowl.  I saved the other half for post strength training workout. It was killer arms today.  I can already feel the soreness setting in.

After my workout, I wanted to try my hand again at veggie burgers. I spend way too much on veggies burgers, I would really like to successfully make my own.  These burgers were really close to my perfect burger.  The flavor was spot on, but they need to be just a bit firmer.  I used a chia “egg” as a binder, I think I need more bread crumbs, or to add some oats.  I made these in the food processor with a lentil base, peppers, mushrooms, celery, onions, walnuts, garlic, wheat bread crumbs and tons of no salt seasonings.  I will post the recipe as soon as I perfect it!  Don’t get me wrong, these were fabulous as far as the taste I was going for, by far better than store bought.  I just need them a tad firmer.  After I processed them and molded them into different sizes to experiment with, I placed them on a tray with foil and  popped them into the freezer for an hour before cooking some. 



When lunch came, these were ready to cook in a pan greased with some coconut oil.  They totally stayed together in the pan!  They were just a tad soft on the bun.  Since I served mine up on some Boston lettuce, I did not mind them being just a little soft. 




I made 12 burgers for about $3.00 in ingredients!

For dinner, some left over vegan chicken potpie was on the menu.  To keep the side dish on the lite and nutritious side, I made a heaping pile of coconut cream kale.  It was a perfect accompaniment to the potpie. 

potpie collage

potpie close


potpie close

coconut kale

my plate

So, that was what we ate Wednesday!

On another note, Andy and I also celebrated 17 years of marriage on Saturday! Mya wanted to take our picture, I think she she did pretty well!

anniversary pic

I am so blessed! I finally got the chance to wear a dress I had been saving all summer.  It was a great week and was filled with lots of fun and plenty of great food.  I hope your was too.

Have a great Wednesday.




  1. My veggie burgers always end up a little crumbly but I figure it's the taste that matters ;) Yours look awesome!

    1. Glad to know it is not just me! The taste was perfect.

  2. Delicious day!! Great job on the veggies burgers, they look fantastic!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    It's so true about the veggie burgers. They are so expensive, I should really make my own too. Yours look amazing.

    I need to work on getting any exercise, never mind extra exercise. ;)

  4. Dinner looks delicious :) I love when comfort food can be healthy!

    Happy WIAW.

  5. Yummy eats! :) I've been loving overnight oats too lately. Aw, congrats on being married for 17 years!

  6. Do you have recipes for all of these? I'd love to make the pot pie!


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