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What I Ate Wednesday #22

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Happy WIAW!  Has it been hot enough for everyone?  Cooking when it’s 100 degrees has its limits. So does my exercise routine. I kept my time in front of the stove to a minimum this week.  A mixture of short stove cooked meals, a little grilling, and mostly raw salads and snacks. As for my workouts, I have stayed committed to my morning 30 minute cardio.  I weight train and tone 4 days a week for thirty minutes, but my 3pm cardio session has been spotty.  I am too hot and tired to get back on at 3pm.  I am hoping this cooled weather will reignite my 3pm workouts.

My WIAW posts are based off of my Tuesday meals. Waking up Tuesday morning, it was cool for the first time in weeks. No humidity.  The question was, what to make for breakfast on the cool morning. Then, I remembered my neighbor, Mrs. Umpstead, kindly gave me some zucchini from her abundant garden yesterday.  We went over to visit her new 18 year old horse, Bell. She and her family generously rescued her from being put down and gave Bell a lovely 9 rolling acres to live out the rest of her life. Mya was thrilled to meet her.  She fed her baby carrots and got to pet her mane. Bell was gentle and calm.  I will make sure to bring my camera next visit.  Anyway, the zucchini had me thinking about zucchini bread.  But it was 5:45am and I did not want to have 1 hour baking time before breakfast.  So, I then thought, muffins.  They only take about 25 minutes to bake and 15 to cool. 

I quickly located a low sugar healthy recipe, gathered the ingredients, preheated the oven and woke Mya up to help.  She would have been mad if I let her sleep though making muffins.  She hoped right out of bed, asked for some sips of coffee and then got to baking!

always taste the batter

By 6:20am the muffins were in the oven, the timer was set, and I hit the elliptical while they cooked.  Baked goods for breakfast seem like such a “cheat” food breakfast.  These seem that way, but they were low sugar, just 1/2 cup agave, packed with 1/2 cup ground flax, 2 cups zucchini shredded, some chopped walnuts, coconut oil and whole wheat flour. They were delish!

can you eat just one

zucchini Breakfast Muffins vegan

Warm muffin

  Mya is at a half day computer camp learning how computer games are designed and is even designing her own game and characters.  It is really amazing!  I wanted to prepare lunch before Mya came home.


The lunch menu consisted of using up some corn tortillas, Field Roast Mexican style sausage, and all the other “taco” fixings I could find in the fridge. I still had half of a zucchini left from my muffins, so I wanted to incorporate it into my lunch. I thought it would easily blend into my Mexican sausage crumbles for my taco base.


In the food processor, I combined my sausage links broken into pieces and chunks of zucchini.  I pulsed them until it resembled taco filling, and the zucchini was undetectable. 



I heated the mixture on the stove and added some frozen corn to it at the end.  I poured it in a bowl beside the chopped avocado, chopped tomatoes, diced red onions, shredded romaine,  black olives, Daiya cheese, and some vegan sour cream to mellow out the spicy filling.  While the filling was heating, I cooked the tortillas in my griddle until crisp.  They looked like this…


Then, like this…

mya taco

After lunch, we visited a few bread customers, and then came home and played with Price and Booey.  They are getting used to each other now.

prince collage

After the playing commenced, it was time for dinner.  It was now not quite as cool as it was this morning.  I did not feel like standing in front of the hot stove, so I decided to make pasta salad out of leftovers.  I had a whole bowl of leftover pasta and broccoli from last night’s dinner, and all the veggies that were not used from lunch, they were already prepped!  I mixed them all together with some blush vinaigrette with some additional peppers and cucumbers.  Viola, easy pasta salad ready in five minutes!





I was not that hungry at dinner, so I ate a small bowl. A non pictured mini bowl of cereal and berries with coconut almond milk was my 7:30pm snack since my dinner was light.

Can you ever see enough puppy pictures??? I can’t!


Have a wonderful WIAW!



  1. Happy WIAW! It all looks good but I want to try your muffins. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Hi! Thank you. The muffins were really good. Today we made protein powder frosting for them. Even better!

  3. Those muffins look delicious. As do the rest of your eats :)


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