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Pizza Night

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pizza with frame

Thursday’s are one of my busiest days of the week.  It is a day of rushing around in the morning and getting out to see lots of bread customers in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s hard going in and out of pizzerias and restaurants and not coming home with any of that delicious looking food.  If I was not vegan, taking home food would probably happen more often.  Since I like to make everything myself, I sufficed with just bringing home some pizza dough from Tosco’s in Pennsburg, Thanks Anthony!


I have made dough plenty of times at home and I have purchased it at the grocery store in every variety, but nothing compares to a true Italian pizza dough straight from the restaurant kitchen.  The technique they use makes all the difference.  The dough is more pliable and has a perfect texture when cooked.  Whether you prefer the crust thick or thin, crispy or soft, this dough makes it perfect every time.

I let my dough sit out on the counter for about 40 minutes while my pizza stone heated at 475 in the oven.   I love veggies on top of my pizza, no surprise there!   I took inventory, and we had some portabella mushrooms, onions, frozen peppers and some veggie pepperoni leftover from last week.  While my oven continued to heat, I sliced and partially cooked the portabella for a few minutes until they were soft.  The fresh dough only takes 10 minutes to cook, and I like my mushrooms cooked longer.


Since I do not have a pizza peel, I spread some coarse corn meal onto a large wood cutting board then stretched my dough.   I like a thick crust when I use fresh dough.  Next, I topped it with some pizza sauce.  Then, I shredded some Follow Your Heart Mozzarella right onto the sauce.  The toppings were spread generously on the cheese, one section with just pepperoni and limited veggies designated for Mya. 

I then slid the pizza dough straight onto the pre-heated stone and cooked it about 10 minutes until golden brown with melted cheese.






We ate the WHOLE pie!  It was delicious.  My parents always made pizza or stromboli on Saturday nights.  We always had fun sitting around talking and laughing and sharing a homemade pizza.  I hope Mya remembers our pizzas someday.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Yum! I am especially lovin' the mushrooms. Could go for some of that pizza as we speak! Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

    1. I try not to bring home the dough....but sometimes, pizza is a necessary part of life, with mushrooms, of course!


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